On top of the rock

On top of the rock
Our Cliff

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ya, I know...

It has been 26 days since I posted anything. Sorry, but I have been busy! Right now I am watching dawn brightening the sky. It is 6:38 and I have been up since 1:45. HATE THAT!! The good part is that I am looking at 3 shrimping boats right off our cliff. I have watched them all night, with their subtle lighting; floating, seemingly causually, through the sea. They are not supposed to be so close to the shore but I am sure no one will stop them. The sounds of the ocean are never ending. It is windy here most of the time as we are up so high, and the waves smash against the clif in a hypnotic rythmn...O.K. not THAT hypnotic or I would be sleeping!! Yes, we moved up! Still not fully functioning, but here is a quick overview of the last 26days....

Jan 1st Posted pictures on my blog
Jan 2nd Walked and "organized"
Jan 3rd Went to the storage unit and got a trailer full of things..Jesus started with us full time today
Jan 4th Went to Cabo to buy stuff for landscaping
Jan 5th Pizza night at the Sand Bar but not before Jesus and I planted some pots and did some garden areas
Jan 6th Started cleaning mom's room on top. She comes on Saturday and we want to move up there for her
Jan 7th Connected the frig and found it that is does not cool....and there is no connector for the stove. How come that did not come with it??!! DUH!?
Jan 8th Cleaned the bodega ...my Mom flies in tomorrow
Jan 9th Picked up my mom at the airport and Chinese food on the way home
Jan 10th Listened to jazz at Cerritos Beach and celebrated our friend Sharon's birthday
Jan 11th Walked the beach and had dinner at friend's for Sharon's birthday
Jan 12th Went to Cabo to try and get a new frig and a part for the stove. NO LUCK. Home Depot will have the company send a technician which Maurice has tried to do since last week. At least it is pizza night!
Jan 13th Cleaned the bodega and unpacked some boxes
Jan 14th Can not swim in the pool since the heater we bought was not installed properly. Trying to fix that
Jan 15th Never ending watering and landscaping
Jan 16th Keith and Sharon came and with mom and Maurice we cleaned the kitchen and tried to get stuff put away "arriba".
Jan 17th Cleaned and prepared as we had 6 people for dinner! Grilled in the outdoor kitchen and ate in our dining room
Jan 18th Technician came and said our frig was "toast".
Jan 19th Pizza night...after a day of watering and cleaning our bedroom so we can move up!
Jan 20th Where is our frig? We decided to move up anyway!! No frig, no stove but who cares
Jan 21st Went out to dinner in Todos Santos. Poor Mom, her first night out other than pizza night!
Jan 22nd Shopped on Todos Santos, cleaned and organized "arriba". Cooked and showered in the bodega and ate up on top!
Jan 23rd Watched the Packers beat the Bears! Off to the Superbowl! Go Pack!
Jan 24th Went to Cabo to beg for a new frig and to try to find some rugs and a part for our stove
Jan 25th Finally got some pictures hung and some towel bars up!! Home Depot brought us a new frig! So excitng..cross your fingers

Tonight is pizza night!

See, not thiat exciting is it? Photographer here on Monday to shoot for the web site. THAT is exciting!