On top of the rock

On top of the rock
Our Cliff

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin town

Today is the day I leave the U.S. of A for Canada. I arrived in Wisconsin last Wednesday and have enjoyed a week filled with lots of family time. It flew by way too quickly and I feel like I just arrived....and now I am gone. Last night my sister Barbara and I spent the evening in Chicago at my sister Lynda and her husband Scott’s house. This morning they dropped me off at O'Hare for my flight to Toronto. Lynda works for United Airlines so I am catching the flight using something they call “companion tickets”. These tickets are great! You pay a fraction of the normal ticket price with the stipulation you have to fly stand-by.

Today, Chicago to Toronto, no problem. There are seven flights and this many flights are a big benefit when flying stand-by.

Our day begins at 6:45 am, when we leave for the airport to catch the 9am flight to Toronto. Oops…I learn it is overbooked. No problem I can catch the 11:48.

I hang around for another 2 ½ hours enjoying free internet access, and a great cappuccino. Time has come for boarding the flight. No, wait, why does it say there are 10 people “waitlisted” and no seats available for these 10...including S REDDICK. Why are people crying? Why do they keep announcing that they will pay big bucks for anyone willing to give up their seat? Why? Because United cancelled an earlier flight and so there are many people waiting to get to Toronto. I am number 10. Oh, Oh….now they will have to move me forward with the other “waitlisters” for the next flight. This one also comes and goes without me on board. “Sorry“, the guy says. Maybe tomorrow. MAYBE TOMORROW??!! Not good to loose a day if you only have a week to begin with. It’s not as if I need to have a good excuse not to go to work! This is vacation time I am loosing out on!!!

Now I sit here waiting for the “next available flight”. GOOD NEWS!! I am told there are 15 people on another flight that are supposed to be here but their flight is delayed. Looking good!!! YEEHAA!!!! I am ready to go. Oh Oh…they just delayed my potential flight by 15 minutes. Delayed long enough to get the 15 missing passengers on board??!!! Is that why? They are blaming air traffic control. HUH?? That is strange. Oh Boy.

I love Chicago. I really do. I love flying more, though.

A very good priced ticket vs. a confirmed seat? I guess next time I will choose a confirmed seat!

Now we hear the delay has been expanded to 45 minutes. 30 minutes into this people begin rushing to the counter to get their seats….ahhh……please please please

No luck. They filled the flight. I have another 2 ½ hour wait. They tell me the next flight is booked. I am third on the wait list. Some guy named Bruce told me if I prayed with him I would get on that flight. He said it worked for C.SHAW who got the last seat on the just-departed-delayed flight. He said he could create a miracle. Thanks, Bruce, really. Sorry, but I have to head to the bar. A nice glass of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc? Yes, right now THAT seems like a small miracle in my already very long day.

Wish me luck…..

P.S. What does “toddling” mean, anyway?? Really?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The most common thing we hear…

We have lots of visitors here on our cliff. Some are our guests and others are just “checking us out“. Without fail the thing we always hear is that the web site does not REALLY show how beautiful Arriba de la Roca is. It is impossible to capture the 360 degree views and the impact of the ocean. Whether it is the views of the Pacific up the north coast, or looking down the south beach, or most impressively, the expansive view of waves, and rocks from our fire pit, a camera can not capture the beauty here. When you add the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range that covers our entire east vista, you have heaven on earth.

Please come visit us and share in our dream. I promise you will be as pleased as everyone else who has climbed inside our Kawasaki Mule and ascended to Arriba de la Roca.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It has been almost two months since I have done a post! Seriously, where does the time go? I have been deficient with my blog, as well as our Arriba de la Roca FB page. We have been really busy, but that is no excuse. We have been enjoying a nice number of guests and have been joyously sharing Arriba de la Roca with all who search us out.

In about 15 minutes I am taking our first European guests to the airport. They have been here for 6 days and I have experienced many "firsts" with them that I have not with other guests.

First of all they do not have a car so I have gotten a wonderful chance to bond with them as I have spent time in the truck with them, talking, while I take them to places. It was lovely.

Secondly, Maurice is gone. He is in Canada so I have been on my own. I really realize how much he does around here!! I miss him!!! Well...for more reasons than that!

Thirdly, I had a dinner catered for our guests. Since they did not have a car they were not able to dine out, like our other guests. The dinner was a huge success and I am going to post a picture on our Arriba de la Roca FB page. The food was very well prepared and the couple who did the catering were personable and our guests really enjoyed the experience. This pleases me so much as it opens up a great option for others who want to sit on our patio and watch the sun set, while enjoying a superb meal.

I will do better at keeping in touch on the blog. I think of things to write daily, but then never have the time to actually do it. You may only get a quick couple of sentences, but you will hear from me again....

Off to the airport and I will do a FB update later today.