On top of the rock

On top of the rock
Our Cliff

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Mayor of Todos Santos

I had downloaded these pictures and never got around to posting them so here I go...
sorry there will not be much verbiage as we have our friends here from Toronto and as they shower I will do this posting.

The mayor of Todos Santos was invited to come to Arriba de la Roca and do the ribbon cutting. He would also draw our winner, from the 300+ entries we had on line for a two night stay here. We assume he may have thought this was an event with many people attending since he called when he was to be here to inform us he was 15 minutes late. He and he companion-worker-constituent arrived to find Keith and Sharon, me and Maurice and the photgrapher, patiently waiting for him.


He graciously cut the ribbon with scissors I had just cleaned the shrimp with...they were a little dull for the event and the ribbon would not cut! I laughed so hard!!!

After he pulled the winner of our draw and Rosalba Miranda of Chicago was the lucky winner.

When we finished we asked him and his friend if hey would like something to drink. They got wine, toured around the place and ended up spending 4 hours here! We had a ball!!

It was a magical night! I even taught him how to steal someone's nose with your hand and put your thumb through your first two fingers to show you have stolen it. (Much to Maurice's dismay!!)

I guarantee you that he will remember this night as long as we will!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not a typical few days

All of our work in the past month has been towards two goals. The first was moving up, which we did almost two weeks ago; in fact two weeks tomorrow. The next goal was to prepare “Arriba de la Roca” for our photo shoot.

Monday afternoon, amidst hoses for watering, towels drying on the backs of pool chairs, all our furniture in the great room outside while the floors were drying, boxes of garbage sitting outside, paint drying, 24 packs of water, tea, coke, soda, piled up to be put away, anything we did not know what to do with being temporarily thrown into our bedroom, cushions being Velcroed to our outside concrete benches, and Maurice and I un-showered and puffing around, our friends Keith and Sharon arrive for day one of the photo shoot. Calmly they asked how they could help. O.K. They have already done our complete web site for us, searched for, and hired the photographer, created a detailed photo shoot strategy including how many pictures, and where they will be taken for each of the rooms and areas of the house, written copy, brainstormed with us, AND managed to get the mayor of Todos Santos here for our grand prize draw...the list in endless...and yet they still ask, how they can help. I tell ya, I would be running the other way by now if I was them!!!!

The photographer is due in one hour and the mayor is due in two!! Oh my...

Well as any of you who really know us well have already figured out, yes, we pulled it together.

The first day of the shoot was great! Ariel the photographer is a calm, creative guy, and very good at what he does. He is sleeping in Pacifica for two nights while he is shooting here. He wanted two nights of sunsets to capture the best light. That first night of the shoot the mayor came, which will be another posting so I can show pictures, and last night was the final shooting. I am guessing he took over 700 pictures. We even had some people we know over so they could stand around like guests! It was fun and exhilarating and exhausting. Now it is 4:43am and of course I have been awake for two hours. The surf is pounding, Ariel is sleeping, and Maurice and Retro are in bed, too. My mind keeps racing thinking of so many things.

We are so blessed.

We have such an amazing place here...the mayor said it is the best location in the Baja.

What will happen when we have guests here; can we really do this? Are we in over our head??

We still have so much to do...all the Mesquite doors were not sealed and need to be done...the plants are dying from the wind and the sea air, do we replace them or let them look sad for a few months??

How do I get more counter space in the kitchen?? Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

Poor Maurice is struggling with how to heat the pool. The pool guy is really sucky and not a help all. We still have no way to even turn on the jets in the Jacuzzi without going underground! He wants to charge us another $3000 to fix that problem.

The closet/door man has stopped returning our calls and still has to replace a set of doors and bring us wooden bars so we can hang our clothes.

Jesus (pronounced HEY SEUS) will come to work in the morning and I have to have things for him to do...where to begin!!...

Seriously, I could write so many things that still need to be worked out and finished here...yet, I say to you that “we are done“.

I guess I mean that the photo shoot is finished. We are living in our amazing place, and we have friends and family coming to visit us.

Life is good...