On top of the rock

On top of the rock
Our Cliff

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last night, just before sunset I saw my first whales of the season. Last year I saw my first one on November 1st, so this is 9 days earlier.

Since whales are mammals they breath air and so must return to the surface at regular intervals to get a breath. This is waht I saw last night....their breathing and blowing out of air. There appeared to be 3 of them as there were 3 spouts moving south. Once in the Sea of Cortez they give birth. These babies will stay with their mothers for over a year and feed on her milk. They begin their migration back to Alaska shortly after they are born.

Friends saw a school of porpoise yesrday, too. I figured since whales belong to the group of mammals called Cetaceans, along with dolphins and porpoises, then they all must be coming back. The waters are getting cool enough for them now. Love this time of year!!!

Ocotber 21st. My first whale sighting of the year. January and February are really the best months to observe the largest number of whales in migration. We have rooms available. Come and see nature at its best!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Old home week

Ever wonder what that expression means? No, me neither. It is an expression people use when they refer to an experience from the past...I assume. They use it whether that experience involves a day, a night, or an actual week.

I guess my reference to “old home week” should actually be called “old home month”. Maurice and I decided we needed to have an additional pool patio. The one we have is not big enough when we have many guests, and seriously a little too intimate to put 6 strangers together on their pool loungers. We have learned everyone likes to be around the pool so the other areas we have set up for lounging are never used...thus, the need for more space.

Last week some of our original building crew began the month long project. “Here they go again”...schlepping re-bar, bags of cement, concrete blocks, wheel barrels of sand and gravel, all the way to the top of the cliff. Here I go again, reveling in their strength and hard work, especially in the heat! Gees, they are amazing.

Senor Backhoe Retro is back, delivering the sand and gravel, as is Jose. Since these guys built, Arriba de la Roca, they deservedly have some type of “mental” ownership. Walking around, checking everything out, getting water, hooking up electric, looking in the windows. Gone are the days when they would never think of walking into our kitchen...cucina, to them. In they come. They use the bano and laugh and smile all the time. They call our dog Retro “loco” since he barks at them endlessly, and they always wave goodbye when they leave.

I am happy. This whole thing, besides being a smart business decision, is fun for me. I love having them around again. I enjoy their singing, their spirit and their dedication...but I guess I could say that about almost every local I have met here. Mexicans here are good!

Two weeks ago a couple that was staying here drove north of La Paz to a place called Pichilinqua. They were on an isolated area of beach road when their axel broke and their tire fell off. Some local guys came by and not only offered to help to move the car, but they leant them their phone so they could make all the calls needed to remedy the situation; which in their case meant a new rental car. The guys then stayed with them, just in case they may have the need for the phone again. Our guests were blown away!!

Afraid of coming to Mexico?? I promise you that you will never have one second of concern when you are in our area of the world. Besides the incomparable beauty, the people here are kind and good. You will love it, as well as our new pool deck...I guarantee it!